Employee Theft and How it Impacts Businesses

employee theft prevention

Noticing a couple of dollars constantly missing from the cash register? Are the inventory numbers not adding up? Or are a few items missing from the store? Well, you have a case of employee theft on your hands. It’s not pretty as it directly impacts on your profits. Consequently, today we put employee theft on the examination table as we unravel why it happens, what it means for your business and how to get ahead of it. Take a look.

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5 Important Safety Tips for College Students

five essential college safety tips

Human beings, much like all other animals on this planet, feel a sense of security in the company of their peers. A college campus breeds such kinds of feelings but it’s not always the case that there is safety in numbers. To ensure you don’t find yourself in a sticky situation (or easily get out of one), here are five essential safety tips for college students.

1) Be aware of what’s around you

A lifetime ago, a four-legged furry animal was undoubtedly man’s best friend. Now that title belongs to laptops, smartphones, headphones, and whatnot which now chain the contemporary generation to a digital leash. No one goes anywhere without a phone these days (the bathroom included!) Continue reading